My name is Jordyn Haessler. I am a student at the University of Iowa pursuing a B.S.E in Computer Science and Engineering (2021) and a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2022). This website displays my skills, a game project I am working on called "Kanin", and a project I have released music for named "BANI"! Thank you for checking it out, contact information and more links can be found at the bottom of this page.


To improve my skills and knowledge base in UI/UX and become a more effective software developer


The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering Anticipated May 2022
B.S.E Computer Science and Engineering Anticipated May 2021
GPA (3.72)

Work Experience

John Deere and Company Urbandale, IA

Jun 2020 - Aug 2020
Web Application Development Intern - Managed a dashboard which displayed information on AWS deployed applications - Sought feedback from customers to create user stories - Rewrote and added features to improve functionality and usability

University of Iowa Engineering Iowa City, IA

Jan 2020 - May 2020
Teaching Assistant - Assisted students in daily activities to push their computer science knowledge - Formulated homework tasks to challenge students in their newly learned subjects - Managed and graded assignments for over 100 students

John Deere and Company Moline, IL

May 2019 - Aug 2019
HR Application Development Intern - Researched and discovered limitations of current SAP software - Developed internal web applications which interacted with the SAP software - Delivered insights on the value of new applications against their older counterparts

John Deere and Company Moline, IL

May 2018 - Aug 2018
Desktop Shared Services Intern - Evaluated current deployment process to find opportunity areas - Communicated with relevant teams to find possible solutions - Constructed a new workflow within ServiceNow to reduce challenge areas

Extra Curricular Activities

EPX Game and Animation Studio Iowa City, IA

Sep 2017 - Present
- Elected Public Relations Director for 2019-2020 academic year - Developing a story based game in Unity using C#

Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society

May 2018 - Present
- Participated in club events to help gain members - Maintained a network of driven individuals by welcoming new members

Honors and Awards

- Software Design Hackathon Winner Dec 2019
- Dean's List Sep 2017 - Present
- University of Iowa Honors Program Sep 2017 - Present
- Old Gold and Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient Sep 2017 - Present



- C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, Python


- Git, Microsoft Suite, MobX, Mocha, React, ServiceNow, Unity

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Links and Downloads

A Game Project...

Kanin is a 2D Story based game project I am pursuing with a heavy focus on music and characters. It follows Kanin and his sister Katt through a ceremony known as The Wayfaring. Below is a sneak peak at Kanin's family. The most up to date playable demo will be available from this page!
Kanin is the player character in the game. He is determined, caring and stubborn. Kanin struggles with many defects. He has anxiety which causes him to overanalyze situations he finds himself in. This anxiety also voids him with a loss of purpose. Stemming off this, Kanin struggles with expectations. These are generally self-made expectations and he feels he fails himself. The caring nature becomes a defect as Kanin struggles to cut relationships that may be toxic for him, due to wanting to help or keep the person in that relationship well. Kanin attempts to fix this problem by finding false alternatives with The Seven. These fail and Kanin can only solve the problem by piecing back together and strengthening the relationships he has into close ones. In this way, the burden of recovering his mistakes are not just on him but can be dispersed through others, or he can choose to take pity in these conceptions and blame those around him.
Katt is Kanin’s twin. They were the first pair born in Ankheim and signify the beginning of an old legend only few still remember. She is peppy, charismatic and carefree on her surface, but she struggles with challenge. Self-doubt is Katt’s biggest weakness. She often thinks she is incapable of handling situations which she is completely capable in. This pours over even more into some relationships. She loves her family but believes her brother Kanin doesn’t care for her and finds many friendships hollow. She hopes to mend at least this one relationship during the Wayfaring. Katt follows Kanin's lead on this journey and will try for as long as she can to put up with any choice he makes. She becomes a great asset because if Katt has the belief of her close companions, she can do just about anything.
Marshal is an orphaned fox. Kanin and Katt's journey leads to their paths intersecting. Marshal is very timid and cautious due to his abandonment. His search for his parents has left him in this strange unknown place. Kanin and Katt will attempt to reunite Marshal with his parents, but perhaps Marshal has already found his family. Marshal's limit is unbound when he has those who love him around. Marshal's mood is easily told by his tail. The faster it is swinging, the more content he is.
Chief Kir is the head of Ankheim's guard. Yisep as a whole and especially the Ospin wing have been in times of peace in recent cycles. The guards jobs have devolved into guarding caravans from wild threats and to help facilitate trade between townships. Kir is the father of Kanin and Katt, husband to Ward Karoline. He is strong-willed and cares through tough love, although he has grown softer over the years. Kir's fear lies in the future of his children. He is often misguided in this fear with his show of disapproval. Kir is forced to miss Kanin and Katt's Wayfaring ceremony to assist in a distress call in the beginning of the story. Although Kanin and Katt may feel neglected, Kir knows this threat may bring harm upon his family one day.
Ward Karoline heads the temple in Ankheim. She serves as it's spiritual leader. More importantly she is the mother of Kanin and Katt. She oversees the Wayfaring by guiding participants into their trials. She is steadfast and caring but the preoccupation with the temple causes a strain on the relationship with her family. Karoline's biggest fear is loss. Perhaps her close connection with the spirit has given her insight into what happens after beings fall.